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Akatsuki Strikes Yuuri and Ayase talking Yuuri was sweeping at Hagun Academy when Ayase approached her and thanked her for looking the other way during her and Ikki's match.

  • Due to her sickness, Yuuri is very knowledgeable in medicine.

  • Plot Reviving the Classic Lit Club Some time after Houtarou joins Kamiyama High School, he receives a letter from , who was in India at that time, asking him to become a member of the Classic Lit Club which was on the verge of being disbanded due to a lack of active members.

1 Houtarou Oreki Live Wallpapers, Animated Wallpapers

In one of the letters she habitually sends to Houtarou, she instructs him to join the Classic Lit Club.

  • However, there was not any mention about his birthday in anime series as well as in the first four books.

  • Like Satoshi, he was scared too Oreki: It's getting cold let's split our path - probably science and humanities? While Tomoe does not show up to offer any signs of deductive reasoning, it is implied that she too is smart, but not as much as Houtarou, which is a case similar to Mycroft.

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